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JyrNo: The Journalist Network JyrNo: The Journalist Network

Location Virtual
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Part Time
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Full Time
Pay Rate $4.99/Patron
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JYRNo, The Journalism Network is looking for journalists who are starting out in the industry. This website is a chance to expose up & coming reporters to the world by showing what they can do in article writing. JYRNo isn't just a network for rising reporters. We also strive to be a news site with the most current of articles & videos. That means we are always in need of new journalists to replace the departing ones. When you invite others to become premium members on our website, you receive a piece of that money, which is $4.99 per patron. This is how interns are paid.

Available year-round


- Working towards a career in journalism, English, or communication arts. - Strong communication skills with keen attention to detail. - Experience/interest in Web maintenance.


- Create content (articles/videos) on specific subjects requested by the website's manager. - Work from home as a freelance journalist. - Be present at the website's Chat Page every weekday to receive assignments. - Work on other special projects, as needed.