Journalist wanted for television show Hollywood Punch Report Journalist wanted for television show Hollywood Punch Report

Punch TV Network Punch TV Network

Location Compton, CA
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Contact Information 1315 North Compton Blvd. Suite 6 Compton, CA 90221 424-338-6260


Punch TV is looking for future Journalist who would like to write articles for Hollywood Punch Report. The Hollywood Punch Report is a new original show airing on Punch TV. Hollywood Punch Report will be your new Access Hollywood or even Entertainment Tonight. The Journalist will be writing for the show and for the website. As an intern you will be able to place your name and phone number in the article you are writing. Also you must attach a photo with every article that you submit. Interns from out of state or even the country are welcomed to participate and receive credit. If you are currently in college and can receive credit for this assignment please forward any documents directly to [email protected] Please visit

Available year-round.


Every article must be approved before article is published. The articles must be related to entertainment and must be news from the city and state you live in.


Every journalist will be obligated to submit an article at least twice a week. If more articles are submitted this could be very advantages to the journalist because every article will have the journalist information.