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The Transcending Gender Project is a Not-for-profit photography project that aims to shift the way we think about, talk about, understand, and even "do" gender in mainstream society. It started as a photographic celebration of the lives of people of trans and gender Non-conforming experience across the United States, and is growing into a project that helps our society realize that gendered expectations don't just affect trans/gender Non-conforming people – they affect everyone.

We aim to photograph between 20,000 and 50,000 people in the next few years, asking each subject: "Tell us about a time in which someone expected you to behave or be a certain way because of your gender, or tell us about a time in which someone told you that you couldn't do something because of your gender, and how it affected you or how you overcame it." Getting people of all genders – transgender or otherwise – to tell these stories will help people realize that the gendered expectations we have in our society can be changed, and we can all feel free to express ourselves in the ways that feel most comfortable to each of us.

This project is 100% apolitical, and seeks to draw people from different backgrounds and unite them, rather than sustaining the "us vs. them" mentality that plagues our society today. It is simply about photographing people and telling stories that most of us can relate to in some way or aNother.

Available year-round


Experience in journalism and storytelling. Excellent written communication skills. Self-motivated and passionate about the mission of the Transcending Gender Project. Skills Required - Community Journalism, Journalism


Responsibilities include using the Transcending Gender Project platform to seek out incredible human interest stories across the United States, and to write feature pieces. These will be used by the photographer to create environmental portraits that will be featured in the project and media.