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The Press Badge is a new website set to go live mid June 2015. Currently The Press Badge is more of a news blog though as time passes we hope to format the site to suit the needs of typical news site. The business philosophy of The Press Badge is to offer high school or college students the ability to easily obtain job experience, though it is Not limited to students. Anyone may apply for this position whether it is for fun or experience.

This position is that of a regular journalist or blogger, whichever style you prefer. You are more or less given the freedom to write anything so long as it can be backed up. You may also write reviews so long as you provide good reasons to your opinion rather than just hate on it.

Available year-round


Preferred - Academic Writing, Article Writing, Analytical Writing, Entertainment Journalism, Journalism, Digital Journalism, Community Journalism, Business Journalism, Multimedia Journalism, Music Journalism, Broadcast Journalism If interested, please send an email with a resume and a sample article or review to [email protected]


We ask that each applicant be able to complete at least two articles, reviews, etc. per month. We also ask that each applicant have the ability to access Skype because this is how we will conduct interviews and other business if needed.