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The Atlanta unemployment rate is currently 7.2%. Higher than the national average. Higher than the state average. Unemployment equals No income. No income leads to poverty. In keeping with the mission of our founder Qn. Everlena Brown, to promote literacy in education, finance, and techNology...the QEB Foundation presents the Entertainment Employment Expo (EX3). #EX3 raises funds and awareness to create more jobs in an effort to curb poverty. In addition to connecting jobseekers with employers, the event is organized by participants from our Artist, Intern, & SB Accelerator(s). Using information techNology, our participants receive finance for their education through work experience in Art, Fashion, Music, Film, Finance, Business, Journalism, PR, Hospitality, & Marketing.

Available year-round.


Must have positive attitude, computer access, reliable transportation, good verbal and written skills.


Research, develop, and publish content for NEWS section(s) of QEBVLOG.TV. And find EVENTS to assist with media coverage, securing donations, members, and sponsors for QEB Foundation.