Media & Communications Internship Media & Communications Internship


Location Washington D.C.
Start Date
End Date
Application Deadline 7/15/15
Part Time
Part Time
Full Time
Full Time
Pay Rate
Contact Information UNHCR, 1775 K St., NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006, Fax: 202-296-5660, Email: [email protected]


UNHCR is looking for an intern with a background in journalism, communications, media relations, social media, multi-media skills and some content creation for the web. Training will be provided, however, it is preferable that applicants have some multi-media/new media skills in advance.

Part time internships are available, with a minimum of 20 hours per week (2.5 days per week) on a semester/summer basis.


It is essential that interns possess a superior command of English with excellent written and oral communication skills. Word processing, database and internet computer skills, kNowledge of international affairs and refugee situations are highly desirable. Interest and experience in communications preferred. Undergraduate or graduate students please apply. A sense of humor is welcome. Journalism students desired. Please send resume, cover letter and brief writing sample and dates of availability to the Internship Coordinator In your cover letter, please enter the subject line “Media and Communications Internship”.