Media Internship (Paid and Earned) Media Internship (Paid and Earned)


Location Portland, OR
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Contact Information 1631 NW Thurman St # 400, Portland, OR 97209 (503) 223-6794


CMD has an internship opportunity for a recent college graduate in the field of advertising, journalism, PR or marketing (with paid and/or social media or PR emphasis) who has strong writing skills and working kNowledge of online/offline media, a demonstrated track record of experience/participation in social media and working kNowledge of content management systems and basic HTML skills. The role is estimated to be 70% paid media, 30% earned media). In this role, you will learn and expand on your skills in handling project tasks including basic writing task, social and paid media campaign support tactics, working closely with all senior staff members in planning, analyzing and evaluating information for both programs and projects and in managing assigned activities. You will be a key contributor to administration and account management/ maintenance tasks. You will also learn core competencies in essential tasks including a strong understanding of paid, social and PR fundamentals, producing content, client relations and basic budgeting/time management duties. On-the-job training on key measurement and media outreach tools and systems will be an integral part of your internship.


GOOD THINGS TO BRING TO THE TABLE • A hunger to learn and always be looking for the next advancement in the areas of paid and social media management and content creation; eager to contribute to a best-in-class media team • A self-starter mentality and a passion for investigating the next game-changing media trends and tools • KNowledge of paid and/or social media for business; agency experience very highly desired (a previous internship counts) Good things to bring to the table, continued • Solid writing skills, from a news perspective and applied across formats, from a tweet to an editorial-style article • Photo and video production skills, including photo and video editing, a plus • Understanding of paid and social media metrics and ability to put together reports • Ability to think smart, live curiously, work collaboratively, and act passionately HOW TO APPLY If you are interested in applying for this internship, submit the following materials as one document (PDF or Word format): • Cover letter with qualifications/suitability for this internship • Résumé • Internship Application (attached)


LEARNING PLAN OUTLINE PAID MEDIA • Research new media tools/services • Maintain SOX files for each client, including approval of media plans and insertion orders • Update media schedules as needed • Execute monthly insertion orders • Manage media invoice processing • Ad server tagging/reporting on an on-going basis • Create metrics report as needed by client (kNowledge of PowerPoint crucial) • Update media files/library on a regular basis • Perform post buy analyses at end of quarterly flights • Open and track jobs/components as requested • Attend client/vendor meetings as necessary • Miscellaneous tasks as requested Learning Plan Outline, continued EARNED MEDIA • Create social media content and community moderation as outlined by project managers • Manage social media ads such as promoted posts • Create social media metrics reports • Receive training and mentoring in presenting to groups, editorial-style writing, video production basics and strategic planning. (Interns have the opportunity to practice these skills and develop portfolio pieces)