Multimedia Intern Multimedia Intern

NUVO Newsweekly NUVO Newsweekly

Location Indianapolis, IN
Start Date
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Application Deadline
Part Time
Part Time
Full Time
Full Time
Pay Rate
Contact Information Amber Stearns [email protected]


This is our most open-ended, make-your-own-rules internship. What do we want from our
multimedia interns? In short, whatever you want to pitch to us. If you’re a budding
documentarian and you want to do a mini-doc on homelessness intervention in Indianapolis,
pitch it! Do you want to write a story about meditation and embed audio of some chanting? A
photo essay with an included playlist? A behind-the-scenes reel of Midwest Fashion Week?
Make a whole page of animated gifs featuring Lance Stephenson blowing in other celebrities’
ears? We’re into it if you can deliver by deadline.


You must be able to provide your own equipment and transportation. Please include sample work of No more than 5 minutes along with your application.