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Location New York City, NY
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Contact Information (877) 432-2762 (US toll free) 800-032-2377 (UK toll free) 1-410-267-7306 (Direct)


If rock, hip-hop, and/or pop culture is your passion and you have the writing skills to convey that enthusiasm… this is a one-of-a-kind internship opportunity. Internationally kNown trade and consumer publication seeks sharp, detail-oriented individuals to write CD reviews, attend and blog about local NYC shows and write entertainment previews/profiles. The amount of bylines the student will earn is limited only by his/her writing talent and output. Research for staff writers may also factor into the workload. REQUIREMENTS: Excellent grammar, journalism classes, college newspaper editorial experience, and uncommon kNowledge of music and popular arts. Writing samples required for acceptance.

Ideal Candidate: Ideal candidates will be experienced music/entertainment writers with significant amount of bylines and clippings. Those with additional management, editorial or layout experience for their school's newspaper will be preferred candidates.


How to Apply: Global Experiences makes the process of securing an international internship as simple as possible. The application process is important so that our team can provide you with eNough information to help you make informed decisions about an internship with Global Experiences. By completing three easy steps you will be on your way to an unforgettable internship experience that will give you an edge in your career! 1. Fill out the application form so we can learn more about your interests, career goals, education and professional background, and your location of choice so we can provide you the best information to fit your needs. 2. Schedule an appointment to speak with a Program Consultant by phone or Skype to discuss program details and your internships objectives 3. Once you speak with a consultant and confirm that you are a good candidate for the program, we will invite you to submit part 2, where you can upload a resume, cover letter, goals and objectives. Deadlines Note: Spaces in the Global Experiences programs are often limited and applications are considered on a rolling basis. Applications are assessed as they arrive and programs are filled accordingly. Programs are competitive and the best placements typically go to most qualified (and earliest) applicants.