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Description is still very young. It has been formed throughout the course of two years and has finally taken a shape that my partner and I are proud of. We feature young underground hip hop artists, as well as many mainstream artists, along with having new news articles, album reviews, artist analysis, and hopefully as we grow, exclusive music and interviews.

Now we are Not a big company and we recently relaunched our new website. It is Not an easy task running the site with two people so we are looking for hip hop lovers and enthusiasts to help us out. We don't currently make money off the site, but when we do so will you.

Please help us make StyleFreely the new voice of Hip Hop. We don't want to share music that doesn't mean something to us. We just want the real because that's what we love.

You have creative freedom. We don't feel the need to control your stories and what you love. This is your website too.

Available year-round.


Be able to write. Some photoshop. Understand or be willing to learn WordPress. Skills Required - Article Writing, Analytical Writing, Social Media Blogging Preferred - Adobe Photoshop CS6, WordPress


Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, Article Writing, Article Creation