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Contact Information The Washington Post Attention: Newsroom Summer Internship Program 1150 15th Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20071 For more information, contact: Tracy Grant Senior Editor [email protected]


You must be a college junior, senior or graduate student enrolled in a degree program on November 7, 2014. You must have had at least one professional news media job or internship.

There are No internships currently available.


You must sign and mail your application to The Washington Post to be considered for an internship. HOW TO AVOID PROCESSING DELAYS Clip, do Not staple any of the materials you submit Send all printed materials on 8_ x 11 paper Do Not send Notebooks, presentation covers, or other fancy packaging Please include the following in your packet--using one large binder clip--in the following order. Application packet checklist. Printed application form, completed and signed. Typed autobiographical essay of at least 500 words. Resume. Work samples: Reporters: No more than six clips, preferably photocopies on 8_ by 11 paper. Clear, concise, energetic writing is highly valued. Conventional coverage of news events should be demonstrated, but a higher value is placed upon enterprise reporting that shows creative, inventive or investigative skills. Please indicate your reporting assignment preference: Business/Financial, Editorial, Features, Investigative, National (includes health/science), Foreign (assignments would be in the Washington newsroom), Sports. Visual Journalists: For digital photographers, candidate must have proficiency in Photoshop CS, photo management software, and Mac and PC platforms. Application must include portfolio. For video, must have proficiency in all aspects of digital video/audio and editing software, including Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. Experience with voice-over narration and HTML is helpful. Application must include video portfolio. Developer-Journalist: The successful candidate will be a self-starter who thrives in a deadline oriented environment. The position calls for design and programming skills, a passion for news, and an understanding of the inner workings of the Web. The developer is a member of a larger techNology team and plays a key role in supporting content production. The candidate will create, or assist in creating, news applications such as data-driven maps, databases, social media apps, widgets and mobile tools that will either stand-alone or be paired with other digital content. They will work closely with reporters and editors in the newsroom, either through mining existing data on the web, taking in feeds, or working with digital producers to imagine new ways to present information. They will work with the design and development team to indicate, design and help develop tools digital producers can use to enhance engagement. They will work closely with the Washington Post development team as they write code and manage application services across the site. The candidate will have an understanding and exposure during the internship to building with: CSS(3), HTML(5), JQuery, JavaScript; building Web-based applications and experience developing with databases, XML, JSON, PHP and/or Django. Copy editors: Successful editors must be able to edit for multiple platforms, writing headlines that are tailored for print and digital audiences. Editors must also have a keen understanding of style, grammar and sentence structure and be able to edit for clarity. We also value editors who can detect problems in stories and work with others to make them better. Writing captions for photo galleries, proofing pages and doing intense deadline work are also requirements. Multiplatform Producers: The producer will be responsible for updating web or mobile site with fresh content and making sure article pages have critical web elements. We are looking for students with solid news judgment, the ability to write smart headlines and blurbs and experience at packaging web stories, photo galleries and videos. An ideal candidate also will be adept at analyzing traffic data and web trends, understand search engine optimization, be a quick and effective problem solver and be able to quickly learn to use new web publishing tools. News Designers will craft presentation of our content across platforms. Assignments will include design of National, World, EcoNomy & Business and Metro pages in print, as well as related online content. Strong news judgment, photo and copy editing skills are required. Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, CSS and html skills are key. Please send 5 to 10 examples of print and/or digital design work. Samples may be printed or in PDF format. Links to Web design work are acceptable. Features Designers will conceptualize and produce presentations for print and online. Print design opportunities will include the daily Style section and the weekly Style & Arts, Health & Science, Local Living and Weekend sections. Designers often commission freelance illustration and collaborate with other editors to assign photography. Strong news judgment, photo and copy editing skills are required. Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, CSS and html skills are key. Please send 5 to 10 examples of print and/or digital design work. Samples may be printed or in PDF format. Links to Web design work are acceptable. Information Designers will tell visual stories and present data on the Web. The successful candidate should be able to utilize the entire storytelling toolbox — from charting to mapping to data visualization — and kNow how to weave it all together in engaging story forms. KNowledge of html, javascript or CSS is required. Please send 5 to 10 examples of digital and/or print graphics. Links to Web design work or PDFs are acceptable.. Digital Designers: Our mission is to design highest-quality online and mobile news experiences that increase audience and generate conversation. From conceiving blog experiences to designing new inNovative pages, this person will work closely with senior designers and editors to create advanced storytelling on Experience with information architecture and user experience is required. The successful candidate will also be a strong visual designer, and should be proficient in HTML and CSS. Social Media Producers: The producers will foster engaging and useful conversation on and social media platforms. We are looking for students who have a demonstrated ability to identify and participate in online communities, big and small. Familiarity with web publishing and basic HTML are required. Please send at least one sample of where you've led an online discussion and include links to your social media URLs. The most successful candidates live and breathe the Internet and can write well, too. 6. Two letters of recommendation written to The Selection Committee. These letters should be included as part of your application in separate, sealed envelopes. When your application has been mailed, Notify The Post that it is on its way.