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The Asian Entrepreneur is a international business media company with offices in 3 continents serving an expansive demographic of over 20 countries. Throughout the international community, The Asian Entrepreneur is widely considered as the world’s leading authority on Asian entrepreneurship and startup development. To date, the company has the world’s largest content repository of profiled entrepreneurs in its media arm and has actively facilitated many startup developments in Asia. The company has worked with numerous Notable governmental and Non-governmental organizations in advancing the Asian startup scene.

The company is currently looking to take on aspiring journalists, authors, writers and/or individuals who are interested in professional writing with a passion for Asian entrepreneurship, Asian startup and business developments as an attempt to introduce more diversity beyond its current portfolio of writers. Through the magazine, you will be able to introduce your work to a readership base spanning over 20 countries and even see it in print via an established and well respected media source.

As a Business Author for The Asian Entrepreneur, you are expected to produce your own written content in this area and develop your own portfolio of writing; the content you produce will be published both digitally and in print. Through your position, you will be able to develop your own professional reputation by your contribution, association and business citations generated by writing for The Asian Entrepreneur.

As this is a virtual position, you do Not need to show up at work and can work at your own pace. Your work will be fully credited and attributed to yourself as you will become a recognized author for the company.


We are looking for someone who possesses: -ability to express and write fluently; -ability to conduct personal research into subject matters with a variety of sources; -interests and passion for Asian entrepreneurship, Asian business news and Asian startup community; -creative and curious mindset with a driven personality to grow and take on more responsibility; -ideally an education or previous experience in writing or journalism. Skills Required - English Composition, Academic English Preferred - Journalism, Digital Journalism


Being a virtual position, you are expected to work at your own pace. Training is provided and Creative freedom is highly encouraged and respected. Responsibilities involve: -conducting research into relevant subject matters; -producing well written articles, at least 1 every 2 weeks on subjects dealing with topics such as: Asian startups, Asian business developments, Asian business news, Asian entrepreneurship, Self-Improvement, Business Advice.