Online Writing/Blogging Internship Opportunity Online Writing/Blogging Internship Opportunity

The Law Offices of Thomas J. Henry The Law Offices of Thomas J. Henry

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Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys, a national law firm, is offering virtual writing internships through which individuals with an interest in English, Journalism, or Law can translate their kNowledge into published work, with authorship credit. This internship program pairs students with a variety of legal and news-related editorial assignments and research projects and gives them experience and published writing credits to add to their resume/professional portfolio.


Participants must have a demonstrated interest in Journalism, English, or Pre-law studies through university level coursework or past writing experience. Those with a Bachelors degree, Masters degree, and/or Juris Doctorate are also welcome to apply. Necessary Skills: -Excellent editing, proofreading, organizational, and research skills -Strong kNowledge of MS Word and excellent typing skills -Creative problem solving skills -Extreme attention to detail -Ability to prioritize multiple projects -Ability to follow instructions verbatim as well as the ability to work independently with a push in the right direction Preferred Skills: -Basic understanding of SEO writing techniques; Will provide tutorial print-out with basic tips if necessary -Experience in writing web content


Interns will do research and write online content for several web sites maintained by Thomas J. Henry Injury Attorneys. Assignments may include blog entries, web page wording, and social media updates. Topics will include issues related to: Government- news, laws, statutes, politics Law- legal verdicts, settlements, dangerous devices and products Advocacy- local, national, and global advocacy issues Interns will be responsible for one assignment per day, Monday through Friday- this will equal 10 hours of work per week.