Paid Editorial Internship for Progressive Online Community Paid Editorial Internship for Progressive Online Community

Care2 Care2

Location Redwood Shores, CA (to work at our main office) or Asheville, NC (to telecommute)
Start Date
End Date
Application Deadline
Part Time
Part Time
Full Time
Full Time
Pay Rate $15/hr
Contact Information [email protected]

Description is recruiting a paid editorial intern to work with Care2's Healthy Living and Causes channels.

The ideal candidate is a strong writer who understands current online content trends and is passionate about holistic health, animal welfare, progressive causes and sustainable living.

We're looking for someone who. . .

Has a creative, engaging and insightful writing and editing style;
Has a keen understanding of the diverse range of topics covered on both Care2's Causes and Healthy Living channels (health, animals, sustainable living);
Can Not only find meaningful stories, videos, photos and infographics for our readers, but can also package them in interesting and easily digestible ways;
Is active on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, etc.

About Care2

With more than 29 million members, Care2 is the Internet's largest social network for people who want to make a difference. Thousands of new members join Care2 every day, attracted by our progressive values and commitment to advancing social justice, protecting our planet and leading healthier lives. Our mission is to empower Care2 members to take action so that they can help "make a difference." We achieve this mission with action-oriented tools and content on and, enabling our members to rapidly pool their resources and produce lasting change. Care2 powers its members' activism via cause-driven education, activism and fundraising campaigns that benefit more than 500 of the world's best-kNown Nonprofit organizations. Care2's team lives its mission, kNowing at the end of the day that we have done a little more to help the world become a better place. Care2 is a certified B Corporation, meeting comprehensive and transparent social and environmental standards, to use the power of business as a force for good.

Care2 is an equal opportunity employer.


Strong writing and editing skills; KNowledge of social networks and social media tools including but Not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Tumblr and Reddit; Proficiency in basic HTML and web graphics production using Adobe Photoshop (or a similar program); KNowledge of basic office programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel; Enthusiasm for Care2's mission. We are looking for someone near Asheville, North Carolina (to telecommute) or near Redwood City, California (to work at our main office). Dates of the internships are flexible and preference will be given to candidates who are available to work 40 hours a week (full-time). The internship pays $15 per hour. How to Apply: Submit a resume and 3 writing samples to [email protected] *Bonus points for including Twitter and/or Facebook messaging with sample.


Aggregate a steady stream of interesting content and package it for promotion in a way that generates interest and buzz; Write compelling copy to accompany infographics, videos and news stories; Upload content daily into our CMS, WordPress; Optimize articles and their images, headlines and ledes; Monitor all forms of media (print, TV, digital, blogs and social), hunting for exclusive news reports, compelling health/animal stories and/or trending content that will drive traffic; Gain kNowledge and experience in the web publishing process -- from editing to marketing.