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If you're looking principally to gain experience and benefit from tutelage by superb, veteran editors--and pay considerations are a lower priority, we'd like to hear from you. We're a growing Non-profit news outfit that will be extensively covering the upcoming presidential election in our unique skeptical, thoughtful, investigative fashion. We need eager and willing reporters based in DC and in any of the key primary and battleground states. If you want to get involved and are willing to chase down cutting-edge stories day after day, you'll gain invaluable exposure, bylines, and, when we can, some modest dollops of cash. Please study our site to understand what makes us different. Then, if you're interested, tell us what intrigues you about politics today and what makes you right for our team. This is an entry-level position that will start as unpaid; compensation will depend on your learning curve and productivity.

About Our Company is a Nonprofit, Nonpartisan investigative and analytical news site that seeks to explain how and why things happen. We are interested in the "story behind the story" and specialize in exploring topics others can't or won't touch. Our stories are for international or US audiences. We are mostly interested in "hard news" topics--particularly ones that deal with major geopolitical events, environment, foreign policy, science, electoral politics, war and peace, intelligence, privacy, civil liberties, and the like. We work something like a collaborative; we pay as we are able but depend in large part on volunteers, apprentices, retired professionals and others who believe it is time for a bolder journalism focused on our most pressing crises.