Public Relations Intern Public Relations Intern

Berk Comm & Marketing Group Berk Comm & Marketing Group

Location New York, NY
Start Date 8/1/2015
End Date 1/1/16
Application Deadline 7/31/15
Part Time
Part Time
Full Time
Full Time
Pay Rate
Contact Information 350 7th Avenue, Suite 2204 New York, NY 10001 Office: 212.889.0440 Email: [email protected]


Berk Comm & Marketing Group offers students and post-college graduates the chance to learn and assist in the world of public relations. Berk Comm & Marketing provides public relations and strategic marketing counsel to help companies and individuals convey their message to the public and the media.
An internship with Berk Comm & Marketing is extremely coveted and very hands-on. Interns work directly with all members of the Berk Comm & Marketing team in an effort to strategically meet client demands and needs. Completing this internship successfully will Not only provide you with great material for your resume, but more importantly, will prepare you for a potential career in many fields related to public relations (marketing, journalism, human resources).
Berk Comm & Marketing intern duties are, but Not limited to, the following: clipping articles that feature our clients from the morning papers (New York Times, The Post, Daily News) and online websites; organizing the weekly events list; assisting in deliveries (packages, checks, etc.); creating/faxing tip sheets; working on/organizing media contact lists (food, travel, nightlife, fashion, music, business, etc.); brainstorming effective marketing tactics for appropriate clients; creating and updating client press kits; creating/editing pitches; utilizing media contact software for individual requests or long lists; helping to execute events (planning, invitations, organizing, rsvp lists, night-of duties, etc.); and reporting to account executives for individual needs and tasks.


Required - Social Media, Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Media List Building, Strong Work Ethic, Outgoing