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Emmanuel Gospel Center Emmanuel Gospel Center

Location Boston, MA
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Contact Information Emmanuel Gospel Center PO Box 180245 Boston, MA 02118-0994 USA phone: 617.262.4567 fax: 617.437.9706


EGC's mission is to understand and nurture vitality in urban churches and communities. EGC defines "applied research" as learning in community for the purposes of taking action. Our major foci include gender justice, youth studies and urban youth workers training and public health and wellness.


Internships are generally unpaid, but may be paid in rare cases depending on the position and an applicant's experience. Unpaid interns will receive special support in developing local ministry mentors and shadowing opportunities that advance their goals for professional and personal development. We need volunteer Research Interns for Summer and Fall 2015 who are especially passionate about the impact of Christians on the well-being of the city, good with either data, graphic design, or communications, and diligent and mature workers.