SEO & Social Media Intern SEO & Social Media Intern

Location San Gabriel, CA
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Want to work in a small startup environment with original founders?
Want to get hands-on experience and training in SEO and social media?
Passionate about creating educational content that really helps people?

Then we want you here at! is an online subscription service that helps high school & college students ace their classes in math & science. Think of us as Netflix for online tutoring. We find awesome teachers, record them teaching in our studios, and put it up online. We focus on being affordable, on-demand, and in-depth in a world where tutors charge an arm and a leg and there's tons of free but sometimes lacking YouTube videos.

Our internship will focus on teaching you how to SEO (search-engine-optimize) through creating content that people really want. You'll also assist our team in crafting social media messages, blog articles, and infographics. Finally, we do have some more boring stuff that needs to be done, including emailing sites for PR, competitor research, and watching some of our completed video lessons. But we promise No coffee runs!

Our offices are located in San Gabriel, CA but we are currently looking to move to Pasadena during summer. So please be sure you will have reliable transportation to both possibilities. Our full-time work hours are 10am-6pm.

We are looking for capable interns right Now. Duration is for the summer but dates are also flexible.

Unpaid but you will be learning a lot of future marketable skills.

This is where we see if you're detail oriented and read the full description. Somewhere prominent in your application, please put the title of the 2nd lecture in our Organic Chemistry course.


Requirements -reliable transportation -high school diploma -currently in college or recently graduated Skills Required - Computer Literacy Preferred - SEO, Blogging, Social Media


Responsibilities -SEO through various methods -social media messages -writing blog articles -researching infographics -competitor research -emailing sites for PR -watching completed videos