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Location Los Angeles, CA
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Contact Information 2724 S Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 876-2425


As a Social Media Intern, you’ll be gaining first-hand, ground-floor experience with an honest-to-goodness social media startup company (founded on big brand experience). It’s an inside track opportunity you can take as far as you like, limited only by your enthusiasm. You’ll help our team create social media campaigns for clients, which will include:

Creating content
Learning industry best practices and trends for various vertical markets
Tracking trends and researching what type of content sparks engagement
Monitoring, managing, and updating client pages
Collaborating with team members to develop marketing strategies


Bonus Points You get Klout perks Clients find you charming Positive vibes Can sing the Bed Intruder song You’re the Mayor of a Starbucks Plays well with others Viral video fan You’re in a flash mob video somewhere


ENough about us, let’s talk about you! You’re a gadget freak, into the latest social apps and high-tech toys Major in Marketing/Advertising, Communications, Computer Science, Journalism, or a related field Quick study, familiar with MS Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) You write and talk good (and can recognize bad grammar and spelling when you see it) Stick to deadlines like stink on a skunk