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Tote Magazine is an online publication for young women ages 16 to 25 written by young women. We publish posts onto our website regularly as well as a bi-monthly online magazine. From beauty and fashion to internship advice to inspirational people, Tote is about helping college women realize their potential. It’s about empowerment and motivation along with the fun stuff. The Tote reader is admirable and endearing, paving her own path for success, however unconventional it may seem. The Tote reader is constantly learning and evolving as she moves her way through college. And the Tote reader is continuously building friendships and getting involved in activities she’s passionate about.

We are seeking a virtual social media intern that is passionate about communications and what we do. You WILL be working on social media mainly, so if that is Not your interest, please do Not apply.


Requirements - KNowledge of social media - Strong communication skills - Strong computer skills - Strong writing skills - Self sufficiency and independence - Detail oriented - Skill of scheduling services like Klout, Buffer, or Hootsuite a plus Skills Required - Social Media, Communications, Social Media Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Preferred - Fashion, Lifestyle, Magazines, Magazine Writing Again, this is a VIRTUAL internship entailing that you will work from home with weekly Skype meetings, constant email communication, etc. If you have questions, please email Emily @ Contact information for Emily Kong, Social Media Manager


Daily tasks include: - Scheduling content to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. - Managing one or more of these accounts. - Help create social media campaigns - Analyze analytics - Compose, smart, strategic social media campaigns, tweets, creative hashtags, etc. for all of our company’s social media platforms