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The ideal candidate will have an active social media presence on two or more platforms--ideally Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram--along with an interest in business journalism and digital analytics, reasonable kNowledge of Excel, and a slight-to-intense obsession with correct spelling and grammar. Please be excited about social media, digital analytics, and entrepreneurship. Photoshop and/or video publishing skills are desired, but Not required. This is a paid position based in lower Manhattan. EOE.
To apply, send an email explaining why you're a fit, links to your relevant social media profiles, and your resume to the media bistro address listed below.

Inc. is growing this year, and we're looking to expand our voice on social media. While we already have a strong social presence--1.3 million Twitter followers and 650,000 Facebook fans, for instance--we'd like to continue to increase our numbers, build new social media audiences, and react to social media in new ways.



Assist the Social Media Editor with managing Inc.'s social accounts across multiple accounts, particularly Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram; Engage, interact with, and learn from Inc.'s community across the platforms; Help grow Inc.'s social foot print and use it to drive traffic; Attend weekly meetings about social media performance and analytics; Work with editors, writers, photo editors and video producers to make sure everyone has the social assets and information they need; Research competitors and best practices to find and suggest new strategies.