Social Media Journalist Intern Social Media Journalist Intern

Identified Identified

Location San Francisco, CA
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Contact Information 490 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 800-8720


Identified is a big data and analytics company that pioneered SYMAN, a techNology that transforms social data from Facebook into professional intelligence for people and companies.


Journalism, marketing or mass communications background required


Interviewing people in a wide range of circumstances - you must be a 'people person!' * Writing copy for publication on a tight deadline - in the tech industry, we move quickly * Building contacts and sources for use in future stories - networking helps you get the job done fact-checking the information given to you by a source - making sure what we publish is credible creating blog posts, tweets and postings on other social channels * Maintaining Identified's Twitter feed, Facebook page, and LinkedIn presence * Monitoring and moderating comments * Alerting your colleagues at Identified to the most interesting discussions happening online * Attending weekly creative meetings and generating story ideas * Writing in a fun, engaging way, about the future of employment * Candidates should demonstrate a familiarity with Identified, the company and the products we sell * Curiosity about techNology and an interest in the effects of techNology on the real world are key * Experience with online discussions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and site comments is a plus * Interns should be comfortable with diving into complex subject matter. Writing for Identified requires explaining techNology in ways that satisfy expert readers while making it accessible to the broadest possible audience.