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The goal of an internship as a Sports Editor with East Coast Kids, Inc. is to gain the skills and experience that is necessary to prepare you for a successful career. Our virtual internships allow you to work and become a part of our team with any busy schedule. We want you to succeed and gain the experience you need to possibly join our team. Our internship programs are a fit for just anyone. All interns will have equal access to travel opportunities, professional development, truly flexible scheduling, portfolio building, free gifts and priority permanent hiring consideration. Every East Coast Kid employee was once a hardworking intern. It’s time for you to get started!

We are looking to fill this position ASAP. Please fill out the application and we will be in touch with you very soon.


- Working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Public Relations, English, Business Communications, or Communication Arts - A love for sports - Strong organizational and communication skills with keen attention to detail and problem solving skills - KNowledge of MS Office applications, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - Experience/interest in Web maintenance - Familiarity with Adobe in Design and Adobe Acrobat is a plus - Ability to work independently and as a team - Ability to develop and present ideas and initiatives -Be attentive and highly committed to this position -Has kNowledge of journalism and magazines


Your role is responsible for managing multiple writers and content relating to the Sports section, connect content to visuals, work with directors to develop respective sections, promote the website, plan events, follow all sporting topics, maintain a wide variety of content due to seasonal sports, and create interesting articles, score boards and interviews. Duties: The position requires a strong leader who is able to communication consistently with colleagues. -Has a strong grasp of security and the ability to keep our business information private. -Demonstrates discretion, integrity, and fair-mindedness. -Prepare, rewrite and edit copy to improve readability, or supervise others who do this work. -Read copy or proof to detect and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax. -Plan the contents of publications according to the publication's style, editorial policy, and publishing requirements. -Verify facts, dates, and statistics, using standard reference sources. -Review and approve proofs.