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Location Burlington, VT
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Contact Information Contact for Sports: Michael McCune, WCAX Sports Director [email protected] 802-652-6340


WCAX-TV offers sports internships to qualified students interested in a career in broadcast journalism. These unpaid internships provide the students with a working kNowledge of small market local sports. Since federal law requires interns to be compensated, they must insure their sponsoring institution will grant them academic credit for their time here. Prospective interns must also meet requirements set by WCAX-TV.

Due to the high level of interest, and the fact that only a few positions are available, we generally consider only college seniors although some juniors have been accepted and are encouraged to apply. At the end of the internship, WCAX Sports will provide a written evaluation of the intern's work and an assessment conference with the student and faculty adviser upon request.


Our requirements are few: we ask a commitment of 12-18 hours per week. We believe that's the minimum required to learn the basics of broadcast journalism. The shifts will be scheduled by our Sports Director and will include work at night or on weekends. Writing samples and interviews are required from prospective interns. The writing samples will be assigned and the interview may be by phone. Contact for Sports: Michael McCune, WCAX Sports Director [email protected] 802-652-6340


Interns work at the direction of the Sports Director. They will assist in the gathering and writing of sports stories. They will assist in video editing, and in producing portions of our four daily newscasts. Toward the end of their internship, those with demonstrated skill and initiative will be encouraged to produce their own sports stories for broadcast on our evening news programs.