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Are you an aspiring sports journalist?
Do you want to build a portfolio? is a social blogging platform which hosts articles on a myriad of topics and issues, enabling writers to reach new audiences and increase their online profile. It is run by a group of individuals passionate about democratizing the way we share our point of view and getting voices heard.

We are seeking interns who interested in sport journalism to join the team to specialize in sports news, commentary, and reviews.

As a Tremr intern, you will be writing and reporting on the latest sports news, driving debate and curating content.

You'll be expected to contribute smart, well-written content backed up with the links, images and video you need to make your case and get readers' attention.

If interested, please send your resume with a short description of your interests and talents, and how you would best contribute to the Tremr team.


Strong writing skills. Social media savvy. KNowledgeable in the subject matter


Under our internship program, interns are responsible for: writing articles, researching topics and participating in assigned projects. Interns also assist with social media outreach and new user acquisition.