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The Fresh Report is a sports website designed to engage the reader with a unique perspective on the major sports topics of today. We encourage our writers to write with passion about a particular team they cover as well as topics they find interesting. In a day and age where many sites have become stale with the same old recycled stories, The Fresh Report offers the opportunity to let your voice be heard and make a name for yourself in the sports industry. Join in!

Available year-round.


- Great writing and communication skills - Journalism major is preferred but Not required -Have a passion for sports (does Not have to be all sports, could be one or two i.e. NBA or NFL etc.) - Opinionated: Must be able to offer a perspective on whatever topic you are discussing Email: [email protected] Skills Required - WordPress, SEO, Article Writing, Sports, Basketball, Football, Baseball


- Post minimum 3-5 articles per week - Learn Search Engine Optimization strategies (SEO) - Use social media and/or other avenues to share content for more readership