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GrindTime Sports GrindTime Sports

Location Stillwater, OK
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GrindTime Sports is a sports agency for young athletes wanting to establish a solid foundation for athletic scholarships. Our clients range from college-bound athletes to younger athletes just starting out in their athletic careers. GTS's full services consist of recruiting guidance, sports performance, competitive leagues and competitions, athelete showcase events and multiple training camps.

This internship offers you true collaborative input and inNovative execution of your own developed strategies.

Role and Expectations
The Sports Journalist will serve as one of GrindTime Sports' beat writers. Our writers will become the voice of GTS's media content by providing insightful featured stories on players and recruiting. The ability to craft articles and sports stories is critical. The organization will depend heavily on your ability to craft an unique voice and literary approach to the recruiting process.

This is Not an internship that gives you tedious tasks for credibility. It is a true opportunity to implement the kNowledge you have learned during your undergrad. We offer you creative control while helping develop your skills as a writer. You will define your professional experience and competencies that future employers are seeking.


- Vision for Growth and the Big Picture - Ability to accurately depict weekly subject matter - A passion for sports and helping young athletes succeed - Well organized and capable of multitasking - Preferred majors in Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations & Communications (Not required)


- Research and write sports articles - The ability to deliver an unique voice - Stay up to day with the recruiting process - Develop story ideas and concepts