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Location Los Angeles, CA
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Contact Information PHONE 855-5-DABSMAG 855-532-2762


We're a new magazine with offices in the Echo Park area looking for a part-time staff writer in a paid internship. The job would involve writing, editing, and covering events in the city. It's 20 hours a week (we're flexible and can build a schedule that works for you) with the potential to turn into a full-time position soon.

We're a lifestyle magazine with online and print circulation, currently putting together our first issue. We specialize in the world of smoking pot and extracts, but we cover stories on all kinds of news, art, music, and culture.


Please send a resume, three writing samples (either journalism or blog entries), a cover letter, a list of other skills like social media management or graphic design, and a link to your website or blog (if applicable). This will be a 3 month trial for $600 per month. It has the possibility to turn into a fully-time staff position after that.


We're looking for three things in a writer: • Great journalism samples This is the most important. The most unique, funniest, best stuff you have -- send that. • A good professional track record. You don't necessarily need years of experience at aNother publication or website. If you're a great writer and your last job was at a coffee shop, cool. But we'd want to kNow that you took that your job seriously, showed up on time, acted professionally, etc. • Someone who keeps up with current culture and has a take on it. We cover cannabis culture and all kinds of news, arts, music, fashion, science, basically anything that's interesting to read about. Let us kNow what fields you're most passionate about and/or familiar with.