Two-Year Reporting Interns Two-Year Reporting Interns

Newsday Newsday

Location Long Island, NY
Start Date
End Date
Application Deadline 11/3/15
Part Time
Part Time
Full Time
Full Time
Pay Rate
Contact Information Desk Editor Tim Drachlis (tim[dot]drachlis[at]newsday[dot]com)


Newsday, the daily newspaper on Long Island, is looking for two-year interns who will be responsible for producing web-first content by monitoring breaking news and trending stories on competitive websites and social media. We are looking for people with strong writing skills and a demonstrated ability to use social media to find and promote stories.


Candidates must have completed a graduate or undergraduate degree within one year of participating in the program and have less than one year of professional experience in the job title for which they are applying. How To Apply: Contact Long Island Desk Editor Tim Drachlis (tim[dot]drachlis[at]newsday[dot]com).