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Contact Information 929 Colorado Ave Santa Monica, CA 90401 [email protected]


The Love Story is a community project that stands for inspiring people who have loved and lost to let go in expression rather than destruction. If you currently are coping with the challenges of losing a loved one (friend, family member, lover, identity, home country), we'd like to invite you to be part of our production team to interview someone who has loved, lost, and has powerfully transformed in the journey of letting go in creative expression.


If you have a passion for photographing, or filmmaking, reply back. We are still a pretty young organization that depends on volunteers who genuinely want to gain person insight through an interview as well as help people out by producing media content for our audience, who are people dealing with depression, resentments, and regrets from the loss of a loved one. Being a documentary director in our Non-profit organization will give you access to interview people who have loved and lost and powerfully transformed in the process of letting go. You will be contributing to the society with your art and skills in regard of mental health and suicide prevention. We have courageous people who are ready to let go of their story and we need creatives like you to capture the moment. Check us out at Stories save lives.