Video Production Intern Video Production Intern

Broadcast Management Group Broadcast Management Group

Location Washington, DC
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Contact Information 1146 19th Street, NW, Suite 200 Washington, DC 20036 Contact: Andrew Ryback Main: 202.609.7757


BMG is looking for a Video Production Intern with experience with all aspects of producing, shooting, editing and serving as a production assistant on location and in studio productions.

The Video Production Intern is responsible for editing, shooting, producing graphics, and serving as production assistant for in-house and client productions. Applicant will gain experience in all phases of video production and integration with social media, as well as an excellent understanding of how to translate customer needs into a final product.


Requirements: Proficiency in Final Cut Pro and or Adobe Premiere Strong kNowledge of social media platforms Excellent communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills Professional attitude Excellent teamwork skills Pluses: KNowledge of Content Management Systems such as WordPress. KNowledge of search engine optimization strategy.


Primary responsibilities of the position include, but are Not limited to, the following: Capture audio and video for various client projects and internal purposes. Help storyboard and develop concepts for client-related video projects. Conduct pre-production site surveys, planning and logistics. Edit video footage into final, finished projects, including adding text, logos and animation. Work with clients and internal Digital Strategists to determine the best way to disseminate client video projects using social media. Make sure that all video footage posted online is tagged appropriately to ensure positive SEO results. Maintain and document a video library of all company-related video footage. Stay up to speed on relevant industry trends. Make recommendations on useful audio and video equipment for the company to purchase