Volunteer: TV & Print Journalism Internship – Mongolia Volunteer: TV & Print Journalism Internship – Mongolia

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Location Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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Dramatic, landlocked Mongolia has been tipped by ecoNomists to become one of the fastest-growing ecoNomies in the next decade, and Mongolians are eager to learn English and gain exposure to Western culture and media. Mongolian television networks currently offer a variety of programming, from Mongolian-style videos to probing documentaries, yet programmers are eager to add a Western flavour to their programmes, from set designs to proper English pronunciation.

The TV & Print Journalism Internship programme places you either with a Mongolian TV channel or a major Newspaper. You can also choose to take part in both projects, back to back.

The TV station has been producing music and entertainment shows there for the last six years. Besides information and entertainment, the station aims to target at-risk youth through programming that warns them about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

You will help create content, shoot and edit videos and documentaries and will help work on the floor during newscasts. Helping staff members with their spoken English will be an important part of your role. This is a very hands-on position in which you will work directly with the Director and the production team. For those looking to jumpstart a career in TV or Print production and are interested in cross-cultural exchange this opportunity can’t be beat!


* Min age 18 * Minimum 1 month commitment – 30+ hours a week. * Previous kNowledge and experience in journalism * Good English skills * Full travel & medical insurance * Necessary vaccinations * Necessary flights & visas Duration: Minimum 1 month, maximum 6 months Start Dates: Project is on-going, and you can join at any time, depending upon availability Fee: $995 USD / £650 GBP Project Fee for the first month + $495 USD / £330 GBP for each month thereafter Benefits: Gain experience working for a TV station, preparing, editing and creating media content And / or gain experience working for a national newspaper, preparing, editing and creating media content Tailored placement according to your interests and abilities Opportunities for media professionals and students Keywords: TV journalism, Print Journalism, editing room, documentary production, proof reading, English training


At the TV station you will get involved in the following types of activities: Preparation of various general entertainment and youth programmes Come up with new ideas for programmes, with full creative license offered to ‘Westernize’ current programme style and content Assist in the editing & recording of TV programmes Proof reading of scripts and documents Teach English language and culture to the local staff If you choose to go to the Newspaper, they need your help in the following; Preparation of articles and content, as required on a daily basis. Come up with new ideas to ‘westernize’ the content, format and style of the newspaper. Assist in the editing & proof reading of content. Opportunities for photojournalism, and to follow reporters into the field. Teach the English language and culture to the local staff.