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DailyDAC, LLC d/b/a Financial Poise DailyDAC, LLC d/b/a Financial Poise

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Financial Poise is an online provider of continuing education, information, and intelligence to business owners, executives, investors, and their respective trusted advisors (i.e. attorneys, accountants, investment bankers). The company operates several websites on which original articles about various legal and financial topics are published. This position is virtual. Hours are flexible and part time. We are looking for a self-starter with an excellent work ethic. Duties will involve reaching out to potential guest contributors to solicit article submissions, to edit those articles after they are submitted, and to write some original content. The ideal candidate will be able to quickly assume increasing levels of responsibility. Expressions of interest should be sent to [email protected]

Available year-round.


We are looking for a writer/editor. You should have a college degree or should be working on one in one of the following: English, Journalism, or Business.