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East Coast Kids is the place for you! East Coast Kids Inc. was founded on the idea that everyone has something to offer to the site as long as they are willing to work. With our online system interns are able to work with any schedule. We want you to keep school or work at the forefront of your mind. For some, finding an internship can be hard because No company will look past your GPA or lack thereof. That’s Not an issue for us. We accept any type of experience whether it’s learned from a book or from being in the real world.

All interns will have access to professional development, truly flexible scheduling, portfolio and resume building, free gifts and priority permanent hiring consideration. Every East Coast Kid employee was once a hardworking intern. It’s time for you to get started!

Available year-round.


-Must be able to meet deadlines -Must be detail-oriented -Must be good interviewers, as assignments may involve interviewing people and questions will be submitted along with articles -Must be able to conduct good research, as research will be viable for many of our assignments -Must be working towards a degree in journalism or a related field


-Write articles and content for any of our sections (College & Career, Travel, Beauty, Sports, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Style & Fashion, Love & Dating) -Create great and presentable content -Conduct research and interviews to compose articles -Edit and proofread all articles and submissions -Ensure that all articles submitted are Not offensive to the ECK readers and maintain good quality