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Contact Information [email protected] 7 Janson Court Westport, CT 06880 Tel: 561-868-0075


Because content is such a significant pillar of our marketing strategy and this internship is focused on writing, you will have an excellent opportunity to discover the inner workings of all aspects of our business:

_ How we use content to drive traffic.
_ How the online publishing process works.
_ How we convert traffic into leads and sales.
_ Introduction to the techNology, systems, platforms and tools used to run an online marketing company.

You will also experience and be exposed to a highly diverse variety of writing and content components:

_ Content Topics: Fiction, Non-fiction, "how-to," cooking, self-improvement, and many more.
_ Content Types: Ebook descriptions, direct response copywriting, blog posts and landing pages.
_ Content Distribution Methods: Ebook publication, paid online traffic, email subscriptions and social media.

Some other perks:

_ If you prove yourself, we will offer you the opportunity to create an entire ebook from scratch!
_ Although we expect our interns to be rockstars and perform at a high level, we are easy-going, fun to work with, and young at heart (and still pretty young in age!).
_ We are expanding our staff, so you may have the opportunity to join our team full-time after you graduate.


_ Working towards a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, advertising, online marketing, public relations, English, business communications, or communication arts. _ Strong organizational and written communication skills and a keen attention to detail. _ Creativity; ability and desire to absorb new information; ability to receive and take action when receiving constructive criticism. _ Proficiency with Word, Excel _ Dedicated, committed, and hardworking....but also easy-going and fun, other words: "Chill" :)


_ Create book descriptions for use in promoting books to online ebook marketplaces. _ Proofreading and copy editing of book descriptions created by our other writers. _ Create compelling titles to accompany book descriptions. _ Keyword research to identify what keywords should be included in book titles/descriptions to optimize visibility. _ Create direct response copy for use in online ads and landing pages. _ Create blog posts and articles on various topics. _ If you prove yourself, we will offer you the opportunity to create an entire ebook from scratch!