Progressives Try Turning Tables On Conservative Gadfly

A conservative gadfly known for his sting operations was himself the target of an undercover video operation.
Using a camera hidden in a tie, two progressive activists tried to turn the tables on James O’Keefe Sunday as he addressed a New York City meeting of the Friends of Abe, a secretive organization of roughly 2,000 screenwriters, actors and others conservative entertainment industry figures.
The two men, Ryan Clayton and Jason Charter, mingled with the roughly 100 attendees on the red brick lined second floor of Eamonn’s Bar & Grill on East 45th Street.
They sprang into action after O’Keefe – whose undercover videos have embarrassed Planned Parenthood, National Public Radio, the Democratic party and other liberal outfits – opened the floor for questions.
Eyewitnesses report that Clayton – who runs a group called Americans Take Action – grabbed a microphone and began singing as Carter filmed the action with his tie-camera.
Clayton, who was targeted in a video made by O’Keefe’s organization, Project Veritas, then pulled out his own camera and threatened to film the roughly 100 people attending the private party.
As members of the secretive group grabbed Clayton, his body went limp.
When they reached the staircase, witnesses said, Clayton pulled away and tumbled down the stairs.
Clayton, who was taken to Bellevue Hospital complaining of neck pain, treated and sent home, claims he was assaulted.
New York City police made no arrests. “We have no information on somebody being thrown down the stairs,” Sgt. Lee Jones has said. “That would be assault.”
Nevertheless, the Huffington Post wrote an article on the brouhaha with the headline, “Trump-Era Political Violence Begins As Liberal Activists Are Beaten, Hospitalized.”
The New York Chapter President of Friends of Abe did not respond to AMI’s request for comment.
O’Keefe thinks the two men were not lone wolves. “We have video evidence that the orders for this disruption most likely came from the very top, from Bob Creamer, who is the DNC’s dirty tricks guy and frequent visitor to the Obama White House,” O’Keefe told American Media Institute.
Still, he took it all in stride. “You’d think they’d never seen a disturbance in an Irish bar!” he quipped.

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