Kurdish Officials Hunt for abu Merriam Terrorist Behind Yazidi Massacre

December 4, 2015: SINJAR, Kurdistan–Abu Merriam, an operative with the Islamic State group, “Has no regard for life,” one military officer says. The mastermind behind the August 2014 massacre of Yazidis escaped U.S.-led coalition airstrikes and is believed to be on the run, intelligence officials say.

Mohammed Unis Faris, also known as Abu Merriam, plotted the killings and kidnappings of thousands of Yazidis in Sinjar City, Kurdish intelligence officials told American Media Institute. The Islamic State terrorist escaped when the U.S.-led coalition liberated the city Nov. 12 and 13.

“We have intercepted [Merriam] on the radio many times,” said a senior Kurdish military intelligence officer, who spoke to American Media Institute on condition that his name not be used. “They move up the ranks the more people they kill. He got his official status for killing so many people, so many Yazidis. He has no regard for life.”

No photos have surfaced of Merriam, but senior Kurdish military officials said enough evidence exists to pursue him for what the United States Holocaust Museum described in a November investigative report as the “genocide of the Yazidi Kurds.” The report called, “Our Generation is Gone,” details the atrocities committed by Islamic State group, the jihadists also known as ISIL or and ISIS.

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