Mass grave of Yazidis in Iraq tells horror story

November 12, 2015: SINUNI, Iraq — A few thousand people once lived in this tiny Iraqi village 270 miles north of Baghdad. Today, it is a ghost town with few signs of life — and a mass grave nearby where members of the Yazidi sect were slaughtered by Islamic State militants.

It’s one of 11 mass graves discovered in northern Iraq by Kurdish residents who fear other undiscovered burial sites exist in neighboring Syria. Those graves have yet to be unearthed because their locations are under Islamic State control.

Human Rights Watch estimates the militants killed 3,000 to 5,000 people — burying some alive — and captured 3,000 Yazidi women as sexual slaves when they swept through the area in August 2014.

On Thursday, Kurdish fighters backed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes launched a ground offensive to recapture the nearby Iraqi town of Sinjar, which became a symbol of Islamic State brutality when the Islamic extremists began murdering the Yazidis 15 months ago.

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