Exclusive Video: Protesters Try To Drown Out Trump

The efforts of six covert protesters attempting to drown out Donald Trump as he took the oath of office, is captured in an exclusive from the American Media Institute.

As Trump repeated the first line of his oath, the protestors threw aside their coats, revealing shirts that together spelled the word “RESIST.”

Heedless of the mud and rain, they scrambled to stand up on their chairs.

The video shows the two young men and four young women beginning their chant with the prelude to the U.S. Constitution, “We the people,” before screaming, “the people, united, will never be divided.” Their shouts were loud enough to be heard on TV, and to make it impossible for those nearby to hear President Trump.

Others in the section shouted that the protesters were “ruining it” and to “get down.” The chant continued during the entire oath.  

As the oath concluded and most of the crowd erupted in cheers, someone in the crowd gleefully shouted, “He’s the President now, nothing you can do about it!” Two other people started pulling the chairs out from under the protesters’ feet, knocking them back to the ground as Capitol Police swooped in to pull them out for disruption.

The protestors had been blending with the crowd until they tore off their coats. Two were even wearing Trump buttons, and one of the young women was wearing a “Trump – Make America Great Again” hat.

All of that was thrown aside as they began their chant and revealed their protest sweaters.

When the protesters were finally pulled out of the assembly by the Capitol Police, the Trump paraphernalia was left behind, along with coats, scarves, a half-eaten raw organic coconut bar, and a pot of shimmery makeup.

The crowd ignored the abandoned belongings, but overflow supporters of the President filled the vacant seats within seconds.

Watch the full video here.

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