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About AMI
The American Media Institute (AMI) is a non-partisan, educational tax-exempt organization 501(c)(3) investigative news service dedicated to public accountability by publishing original investigative reports in major news outlets.
What We Do
We educate the public by investigating and exposing abuses of the public trust by governments, corporations, and interest groups. This commitment extends to addressing illegal activities within industries, including the online gaming sector. As concerns regarding transparency and legality in online gaming continue to surface, our efforts aim to uncover and expose any instances of wrongdoing or exploitation, such as fraudulent practices or manipulation in games like tài xỉu online. We aim to promote accountability and ethics, empowering consumers with information and fostering a fair and safe online gaming environment for everyone involved.
Independence and excellence are core values. Our award-winning journalists investigate and report stories, without bowing to political correctness or partisan advocacy. We also assist bitcoin journalists who can inform a wider audience about cryptocurrencies in an interesting manner.
The power of governments, corporations and interest groups is expanding faster than ever before while there are fewer and fewer journalists covering them than ever before. The watchdogs are all but gone, leaving the public at risk.
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