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Richard Miniter

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Miniter Staff Photo

William Schulz

Managing Editor

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Board of Directors

What does the Board of Directors do?

The Board of Directors is the governing body of AMI. Directors help to guide the organization’s policies and strategic direction. Acting as a check on management, they scrutinize all finances including executive compensation. Directors are independent, term-limited, and hail from diverse backgrounds including network television, academia, private equity, government services, and charitable foundations.

Richard Miniter

CEO, American Media Institute

Richard Miniter Staff Photo

Dick Patten

Dick Patten Staff Photo

Media Advisory Board

What does the Media Advisory Board do?

AMI strives to pursue stories that can be proven (or disproven) on time and on budget. Our goal is to produce news articles that educate the general public about the workings of government, businesses, and interest groups to hold accountable those persons who claim to serve the public. On a regular basis, Media Advisory Board members review proposals for investigative news articles alongside our editors and other staff. Advisers draw on their decades of experience to help AMI select and prioritize the most promising proposals. Advisers may also draw on their industry relationships to suggest outside writers for certain topics. Advisers have no governing, financial, or fiduciary responsibility; instead, they are here to suggest, cajole, and quip.

Chris Zarpas

Chairman - Advisory Board

Chris Zarpas Staff Photo

Michael Barone

Michael Barone Staff Photo

Adam Bellow

Editorial Director of Broadside Books/HarperCollins

Adam Bellow Staff Photo

Mark Burg

Mark Burg Staff Photo

Lee Habeeb

American Talk Radio Executive & Producer

Lee Habeeb Staff Photo

Mark Hyman

VP of Sinclair Broadcasting

Mark Hyman Staff Photo

Rob Long

Writer and Television Producer

Rob Long Staff Photo

David Martosko

US Politics editor at the Daily Mail

David Martosko Staff Photo

Michael Moroney

Michael Moroney Staff Photo

Deroy Murdock

Nationally Syndicated Columnist

Deroy Murdock Staff Photo

Robert Norton

Robert Norton Staff Photo

John Tamny

Editor at RealClearMarkets

John Tamny Staff Photo

Brian Timpone

Local News Entrepreneur

Brian Timpone Staff Photo

Our Writers

What does the Media Advisory Board do?

Sara A. Carter is a national and international award winning investigative reporter whose stories have ranged from national security and terrorism-related issues to ground breaking immigration coverage. She has reported for the Los Angeles News Group, The Washington Times and wrote a national security column for The Washington Examiner. She spent the past year working along the Southwest border covering national security for the hit TV documentary For The Record.

Curtis Bunn


Curtis Bunn Staff Photo

Douglas Rogers

Douglas Rogers Staff Photo

Ralph K. Bennett

Ralph K. Bennett Staff Photo

J. Peder Zane


J. Peder Zane Staff Photo

James Varney


James Varney Staff Photo

Norman Leahy


Norman Leahy Staff Photo

Kevin P. Chavous


Kevin P. Chavous Staff Photo

Michael H. Cottman


Michael H. Cottman Staff Photo

Del Walters


Del Walters Staff Photo

Clem Richardson


Clem Richardson Staff Photo

Nick Chiles


Nick Chiles Staff Photo

Yolanda Woodlee


Yolanda Woodlee Staff Photo

Gene Koprowski

Gene Koprowski Staff Photo

Terry Johnson


Terry Johnson Staff Photo

Curtis L. Taylor


Curtis L. Taylor Staff Photo

Sheila R. Cherry


Sheila R. Cherry Staff Photo

Araia Tesfamariam


Araia Tesfamariam Staff Photo

Jennifer Carroll


Jennifer Carroll Staff Photo

Jocelyn Augustino


Jocelyn Augustino Staff Photo

Taylor Gordon


Taylor Gordon Staff Photo

Susan Katz Keating

Susan Katz Keating Staff Photo
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